The Samizdat Prize is an annual award given to journalists, scholars, and public figures who resisted censorship and stood for truth.

Prize Gala

March 7, 2024

The Breakers
Palm Beach, FL


Jay Bhattacharya

Professor, Health Policy
Stanford University

Miranda Devine

New York Post

Matt Taibbi

Racket News

panel host

Dave Rubin

Guests will be part of the live audience while Dave interviews our honorees.

RealClear presents The Samizdat Prize: a new award honoring courageous journalists and public figures who did not flinch when censorship threatened. Samizdat – “self-publishing” in Russian – was the Soviet-era underground publication network.

The RealClear Samizdat Prize honors those who embody the spirit of last century’s Samizdat literary heroes. We celebrate the journalists and public figures who exhibit unwavering commitment to truth and free speech.

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